Drawing Near to God through His Word

What an awesome privilege it is to have the written Word of God, the Bible!

Probably the single most important thing we can discover within its pages is our personal relationship with God Himself, Jesus. Out of this relationship comes meaning and purpose for our daily lives....Most of us would agree on this.

However, for many of us, the demands of daily living or our own desires and weaknesses, and yes, even our enemy the devil and his schemes, have drawn us away from God. 

Soon we find God has taken 2nd or even 102nd place within our lives....There is hope!

God restores us and offers us a new, transforming life if we will simply draw near to Him.

Cultivating Our Relationship

As we begin the third month of our Churchwide, 2020 bible reading together we hope you are drawing nearer to Jesus as you spend time with Him in His Word. 

No doubt some of you have encountered setbacks with your daily reading.

Don't give up! Start again today. 

Cultivating your relationship with Jesus is life changing in ways you can not comprehend. He honors His Word and He will lift you up when you seek Him as you would for hidden treasure.

Don't forget to pick up a daily reading guide bookmark at the front desk.

Next Steps

Consider joining us on Wednesday nights at 7 pm for a time of reflecting and digging deeper as we interactively discuss passages we have been reading.

This is a an encouraging time during the mid-week to keep God's Word fresh in our hearts and minds.

Childcare is available if needed, and no one seems to bite so get up off the couch and join us.

See you on Wednesday!